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    #Repost from @iamspecialized a friend pointed it out to me. My only reply was “why would you do that to a bicycle?”
    —- When it comes to getting loose and going fast, few are better than @kblock43. Using the toys in his garage as inspiration, we made sure he could get loose in style on his custom painted S-Works Demo. Check out Ken’s Instagram for more photos and motor-powered madness. #iamspecialized

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    Tempo di #ciclocross! @zdenekstybar é pronto. E voi? #specialized #specializeditalia #mudlovers #winterracing

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    While we’re at it, Outside Magazine wrote a piece on the AWOL x POLER bike we made for the Oregon Outback. E of Team AWOL spoke to Outside’s Sam Moulton about doing real shit and the ongoing AWOL love affair.

    If our sources are right, adventure bikes will be the talk of Interbike, the U.S.’s biggest bike show, which starts next week in Las Vegas.

    We’ll have a few editors wandering the aisles to see if the new bikes live up to the hype (last year we were promised lots of cool e-bikes at the show but came away disappointed). In the meantime, the fact that this limited-edition bike, a collaboration between Specialized and Poler, the Portland-based makers of some of our favorite outdoorsy and adventure travel gear, just popped up in our inbox is a promising sign.

    The AWOL x POLER bike, which will retail for about $1,960 and comes ready to roll with a pannier rack and two Poler panniers, will be available September 6 in limited numbers through Specialized dealers. The company is having a launch party in Portland Friday evening and recently created a cool little Tumblr site—what they call an “inspirational platform”—dedicated to the collaboration that features a three-day, 368-mile ride across Oregon.

    It’s not a brand-new bike—Specialized first debuted their AWOL line of adventure bikes a year and a half ago—so why all the hoopla now? “I just really like the bike,” says Erik Nohlin, the lead designer for urban and adventure touring bikes and mastermind behind the Specialized Lab program, “and I wanted to have some more fun with it. So I basically took command and decided to become the ambassador.”

    We’re glad he did. We’ve ridden early versions of the AWOL series and love them for everything from riding around town to rallying up the dirt roads in the foothills outside of town. We’re also happy to see a big, traditionally high-performance oriented company like Specialized invest more R&D into adventure bikes (and let their hair down a bit and chill out with the scruffy dudes over at Poler).

    Ultralight carbon fiber road bikes are great, and we love all the new ripping, full-suspension 27.5 mountain bikes with dropper seat posts we’ve been testing lately, but nothing is better than a rugged and versatile bike that’s comfortable enough to ride all day on pavement but can also handle light off-roading. You can race cyclo-cross on one, enter a gravel grinder, or load up the panniers and go bike-camping for the night.

    As Nohlin put it, they’re the ideal bike for “doing real shit.” We couldn’t agree more.

    The AWOL x POLER is sold out as far as we know. If you’re lucky, you might find one of these gems at your local dealer.

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  7. PONFERRADA, SPAIN - SEPTEMBER 28: Michal Kwiatkowski of Poland celebrates winning the Elite Men’s Road Race on day seven of the UCI Road World Championships on September 28, 2014 in Ponferrada, Spain. (Photo by Bryn Lennon/Getty Images) (via Cycling - Photo Gallery - Yahoo Sports)

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  8. wiatkowski is the new World Champion

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  9. Another day at the office.

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    We have always been confident in the capable and good vibes of the AWOL family. Teaming up with THE most inspiring outdoor / (r)adventure / campvibes brands just makes so much sense. We love what Polerstuff have achieved in such a short amount of time, how much good vibes that has been sent around the globe the last year, truly inspiring. We’ve built a great friendship and we’re both super stoked on the result. Head over to The Radavist for more pictures and stay tuned for the the great release party next Friday in Portland at the brand new Poler flagship store.  More info on that to come.

    To the whole Poler Team and The Radavist one man show. Love and respect, kudos in general. See You soon!

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    #RoadsLikeThese by iamgregbouwer http://ift.tt/1C0Fqm7

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    The devil is in the details. No doubt, E’s Unicorn Full Nuke Rainbow Extravaganza AWOL Transcontinental bike is every hipster’s secret dream. Tanwall tires, loads of CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black) A Wolves In the Throne Room patch from their latest gig, the brand new Mash cap including the Goatlord and some Suicidal Tendencies, a Swift Industries porteur bag, real Unicorn paint, a Svart Katt and a The Great Escape patch. The POLeR thing. Alfine Di2 hydraulic’s and hey, it goes to eleven. E is not much into the Pabst Blue Ribbon game but the Swift bag would fit a 12 pack or two. The followers of this blog knows that this bike has been around and that E is not only a poser, he also shreds.

    Favorite AWOL of all time. Nice job, Erik!

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    Niki Terpstra ᕦ(ò_óˇ)ᕤ vs Maarten Wynants ᕙ(⇀‸↼‶)ᕗ | Nate ★ Life GIF!

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